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Some are saying Xiaomi and some are saying Samsung, who is number one in India?

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India’s smartphone market is quite large and is changing rapidly. For a long time, Chinese brands have occupied its large market share, but South Korean company Samsung is also giving a tough competition. After the data shared by the firms that monitor the smartphone market, it is not possible to understand which company is on top in India. According to ITC and Canalys, Xiaomi is at the top. At the same time, the data of Counterpoint and CMR are showing Samsung as number 1.

Performance data from both Samsung and Xiaomi have been shared by all smartphone market trackers between July and September (in the third quarter of 2020). On behalf of IDC and Canalys, Chinese tech company Xiaomi has been declared the company with the highest market share. At the same time, Samsung has been named India’s top smartphone company by Counterpoint Research and Cyber ​​Media Research. The report of the four states that there have been record shipments in this quarter.

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Xiaomi-Samsung collision
The latest report by IDC stated that Xiaomi has remained at the top for more than three consecutive years and has sold 1.35 crore smartphones in the third quarter of 2020. According to IDC, Xiaomi grew by 7 percent over the previous year and has overtaken Samsung. Last month, Canalys also described Xiaomi as the top brand in the Indian market. At the same time, according to the other two trackers, Samsung has overtaken Xiaomi and made it to number 1.

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Clearly visible difference in data
According to IDC, Xiaomi’s market share was 25 percent and Samsung captured 22.3 percent market share. According to Counterpoint, Samsung has a market share of 24 percent and Xiaomi 23 percent. The CMR report stated that Samsung captured 23 percent and Xiaomi 22 percent market share. At the same time, according to Canalys, Xiaomi is on top with 26 percent market share and Samsung’s market share is 20.40 percent. Both companies have performed well in the quarter of July to September.

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