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Sports Minister threatens to revoke Cricket South Africa recognition, know the whole matter

Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa has threatened to revoke the recognition of Cricket South Africa if members of the CSA Council do not immediately establish an interim board. The Cricket South Africa Members’ Council decided on Thursday that it would not approve the board of interim directors set up by the Sports Minister.

The Sports Minister wrote to CSA acting chairman Rihan Richards, ‘I am sorry that you have decided not to recognize the Interim Board. I am asking for it to be reconsidered immediately so that the interim board can get the necessary recognition. If not, I will use my rights and give instructions in this regard.

SACA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Andrew Britszke said the dispute has been going on for a long time. He said, “We have been facing this dispute for 18 months and the time for making changes is ending soon.”

He said, ‘Self gains and politics are overtaking cricket. That too at a time when there is a need for stability in cricket. It seems that the member council does not know how much damage has been done to cricket and we are about to reach a point where the loss cannot be stopped.

CSA executive chairman Rihan Richards met the CSA member council, the proposed interim board and the sports ministry on November 8 and said that the member council has written to the minister about some unresolved issues regarding the interim board.

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