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Talking on calls from Android phone users may be ‘dangerous’, know the reason

Talking on calls from Android phone users may be 'dangerous', know the reason

How would it be if someone told you that without knowing you, all the talk on the call with him has been recorded? Obviously, this is not only wrong in terms of your privacy but can also be dangerous to a large extent. In such a situation, if you trust an online report Call recording feature Very soon Android can be a part of smartphones. It has been revealed that the call recording option can be available to the users in stock Android very soon and after that the call recording can be easily detected without the front caller. A report by XDA Developers says that Google’s dialer app will soon get native support for call recording. In an app tier-down on Pixel 4, the new layout of the dialer app, icons and most importantly, the call recording feature is also shown in the dialer app of Android phones. It is believed that this feature will be given as an in-call button, on which tapping can be started at any time during the call.

Recording used till Android 7

The special thing is that in the stock version of Android, the feature of call recording was available to all users up to Android 7 Nougat. However, with Android 9 Oreo, Google stopped offering this feature in stock Android due to privacy and security reasons. Let us know that this feature has been seen in the apk teardown, but it is not necessary that it should be rolled out by Google. One thing is clear from this teardown that Google is testing the call recording feature in the dialer app and there can be many reasons for this.

Features available in custom UI

This feature is already being given to users in Android’s custom based user interface (UI) found in OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi devices. However, this feature is no longer available on stock Android. Some reports have said that if this feature is rolled out, talking to an Android phone user can be dangerous, as you will not know when your call has been recorded. At the same time, Apple does not offer the option to change the built-in app dialer to any third party app or developer in its iPhones.

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