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Ted Poli: Betting victim first cricketer, who missed playing in first Test match in history and died in Tanghali

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If there is no discipline with talent, life can be ruined instead of becoming. Ted Pooley was a perfect example of this. Controversial and colorful temperament Ted Poli was named among the best wicketkeepers of his time. In the year 1873, English county Surrey suspended him with the allegation that he did not try to win a match.

He had a betting addiction. And for this reason, he did not become part of the first Test match in cricket history in 1877. Today is the birthday of these Ted Pauli. There was also controversy over the year of Ted Puli’s birth. For a long time it has been believed that the year of his birth is 1843, although in an interview to Old English cricketers, he had told that he was born in 1842.

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In this interview, Puli told about his journey of wicketkeeping. He had told – My wicketkeeping started in 1863. Surrey’s regular wicketkeeper Tom Lockyer suffered an injury. He could not do wicketkeeping. Surrey captain FP Miller was worried about who would now take responsibility behind the wicket. And I, as I was, frankly … went to them and said, ‘Mr. Miller, give me a chance.’ you? What do you know about wicketkeeping? Have you ever been wicketkeeping? No, but what goes into trying is my answer. ‘

Puli further said that the captain was not ready but he was given a chance at the behest of the other players. Puli quickly took two-three wickets in wicketkeeping. After this, Surrey’s old wicketkeeper Tom Lockyer told him, “You are born for wicketkeeping and you will be my successor in the team.”

Wasted in betting
In 1876-77 he was part of England’s team going to Australia and New Zealand. He was selected as the wicketkeeper of the England team in the first Test match in Melbourne in 1877. But his actions led him to jail. Actually Puli was involved in the umpires during the tour match. During that time there were very low score matches. Before the match, Puli made a bet to railway engineer Ralph Dunkin that five batsmen would be out on zero. Now there is no evidence that Puli has done anything wrong as an umpire but still 11 batsmen could not open the account in it. When Puli went to get his money which was 36 pounds at that time, Dunkin retracted. Dunkin said the bet was canceled even before the match started. He also claimed to be a witness for this.

The same evening, the two debated in the hotel’s smoking room. And later they beat Dunkin. Because of this, he not only had to undergo punishment but his cricket career also came to an end. He died in 1907 in a London workhouse where homeless people often live. In terms of career, Ted Pooly made 358 stumps, taking 496 catches in 370 first class matches. Apart from this, he also scored 9345 runs.

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