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The strong ‘Made in India’ phone from homegrown brands, will it hit Chinese brands?

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India is one of the largest markets in the world and large global shipments of all companies take place here in the smartphone world. If you look at the companies at the top position in the Indian smartphone market, then the Chinese brands have the largest market share. Brands like Xiaomi and Reality, which brought powerful specifications at low prices, occupied India and reached the top positions. Alam is that no Indian smartphone maker is named in the top-10 rankings.

Brands like Micromax, Lava, Karbonn and Intex, which were once in the top position in the Indian market, have now shrunk to less than 1 percent market share. Today, Micromax has launched a new Micromax In-Series after almost two and a half years, which is seen as a big comeback. Apart from this, companies like Lava are also preparing to move beyond the budget segment to introduce new devices in the midrange segment. The big question is whether homegrown smartphones will be able to compete with Chinese devices?

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If we look at the current market and trends of buyers, phones priced between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 are being fiercely bought. At the same time, most smartphones are being offered in the entry level segment from brands like Lava, Intex, Karbonn and i-Ball. Users are getting better value from Chinese brands at a lower price, which has become the reason for the sale of Indian brands. In the entry level segment, Xiaomi and Realme are the most popular smartphone brands in India. The reason for this is the low price of their devices.

Challenge of better value in lower price

The biggest challenge facing Indian smartphone makers is to deliver better value at a lower price. Both Chinese and Indian brands make phones by importing parts in India. A plus point near Chinese brands here is that companies also make most parts of their phones themselves. Cheaper labor and better production capacity in China give them an edge in the global market. Now Indian brands are also following this trend and are adopting the budget technology which is becoming cheaper in the budget phone market. However, it will not be easy for them to enter the flagship segment.

Place in the budget and midrange segment
It is not that Indian brands are lacking in the market. There are many buyers who want to buy phones made in India and due to this Micromax is giving options to buyers. It is not necessary that Indian brands launch phones with innovative features, but a strong market position cannot be achieved without taking into account the current market trends and user needs. Apart from this, brands like i-Ball, Karbonn and Intex will have to shift focus from the entry level segment to shift to budget and midrange.

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Need to learn from Chinese brands
Indian brands have a direct competition, not Chinese smartphone companies, but they must first struggle to make a place in the current market. Business models of Chinese brands and features coming in new devices can be an example for Indian companies. Learning from Chinese companies without making new experiments can become a good option for India’s brand users. Micromax itself believes that their objective is not to compete with any company, but to give new options to buyers.

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