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These are the ways to increase the battery life of iPhone for free, Android will also fail

New Delhi. Whenever it comes to the iPhone, it has no match in terms of style, design, features and camera. But when it comes to battery life, the iPhone does not perform well in it. Yes, if you are also an Apple iPhone user and you are also troubled by the problem of running out of battery quickly, then we are telling you some tips, which can increase the life of your battery.

First of all, you should protect the temperature from rapid decrease and rise. In such a situation, you do not have to charge the battery at all, that is, 100 percent, nor do you have to eliminate it 0 percent. In both these situations the battery goes to the highest and lowest levels of temperature. Fast Charger should be avoided. Of course this saves time, but fast charging the battery also has a bad effect on it.

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Activate low power mode: If you want to prevent the battery from running out fast, then the low power mode given in your iPhone is the most effective. After enabling it, only the essential functions are done in the phone and in such a way background activities such as downloads and mail etc. do not work. To activate low power mode, you have to first go to the settings, then go to the battery, then activate it by knowing the lower power mode.

Adjust screen brightness: In today’s time, the battery of the phone comes bigger and more brighter than before. At the same time, the display which flashes fast, then it drains your phone’s battery too fast. In such a situation, if you keep the brightness on low mode then the battery will run low. If you want to reduce the brightness of the display, then you have to first go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Display and Text Size, then Auto Brightness. After that the brightness has to be adjusted.

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Keep the location service off: Location services are very helpful for apps like Google Map etc. But when you are not using them, then you should keep them closed. Due to the location service being turned on, the battery drastically reduces. If you have to turn off the location service, for this you have to go to the first setting, then to the privacy, then to the location service, by going there you can stop the location service.

Turn off background app refresh:
Whenever you use an iOS app, it keeps working even after going to the background. Through the background app refresh, this app keeps checking for updates and affects the battery for new content. To turn off background app refresh, you first have to go to settings, then go to General, then go to background app refresh. Here you can turn background app refresh on or off. Or you can turn on Wi-Fi when connected.

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Turn off notifications: If the line keeps on going through repeated notifications on your iPhone, then it keeps running out of battery when every text arrives. If you use any social media, then their updates continue to be found on the screen, but this causes the battery to drain faster than normal. If you turn it off, your battery will last longer. To turn off notifications, you first have to go to settings, then go to notifications, and here you can customize how and when apps give notifications.

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