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These countries are most worried about spam calls, know what number India

Truecaller has introduced its latest ‘Insight Reports’. In this report, the company has released a list. In this list, the company has told about the top 20 countries which are most affected by spam calls. You might not be surprised to know that the name of India is also included in this list.

Most spam calls in Brazil
According to this report by Trucollar, users in Brazil are the most troubled by spam calls. India has now reached number 9 in the list of top 20 countries. The biggest reason for India’s position dropping is that in the recent past, there has been a 34% decrease in spam calls received by Indian customers worldwide.

Why the decrease in spam calls?
According to the report, domestic numbers are used for 98.5 percent of spam calls in India. India had a nationwide lockdown at some point in time, due to which telemarketers could not go to work. With this, it was not possible to make large scale spam calls. Because of this, such a huge decline in the rate of spam calls has been observed.

In which state how many spam calls
Maharashtra – 13.2%
Andhra Pradesh – 9.5%
Uttar Pradesh – 9.5%
Delhi – 7.5%
Karnataka – 7.1%
Madhya Pradesh – 6.3%
Rajasthan – 5.9%
Tamil Nadu – 5.2%
Bihar – 4.4%
Kerala – 4.4%
Punjab – 3.6%
Haryana – 2.5%
Kolkata – 2.5%
Odisha – 2.0%
West Bengal – 1.9%
Assam – 0.8%
Himachal Pradesh – 0.6%
Jammu & Kashmir – 0.4%

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