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These top 5 features on Whatsapp in 2020, did you try?

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The messaging platform WhatsApp is very advanced in terms of new features and updates and in the year 2020, many new features have been added to it. Apart from this, many features that have come in 2019 have been improved for better experience. The new storage management tools, including payment features and dark modes have also been included in WhatsApp this year. Due to the arrival of a lot of new features, not all of you have got an eye on them. In the year 2020, we have brought the top-5 features for you.

Dark mode
Dark mode has been added to WhatsApp in early 2020. Not only does this give the eyes a rest, but the phone’s battery is also saved. With this feature enabled, the background of all sections of WhatsApp becomes dark gray. To use dark themes, you have to tap on Chats in the Settings section. After tapping on the Theme in the Display section, users get three options Light, Dark and System Default.

Whatsapp payment
Recently, WhatsApp has received the permission of Payments with the help of UPI to bring its payment system to India and it is being tested on the app with limited users. With this help, sending money to your friends and family members will be as easy as sending a message. However, this feature was initially given to only 2 crore Indian users. In the year 2021, many improvements can be made in it. This option is visible as soon as you tap on the attachment in the chat window, after selecting the payment option here, you will get the option to link it to the bank account.

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Advanced search
Apart from the messages coming on WhatsApp, users are getting the option to search gifs, videos, audio and files separately. Now by tapping on the search, users get the option of photos, text, audio, gifs, videos, documents and links. In this way, by tapping on any icon, users can search for such files. One does not have to deal with links and text messages to find any video. Apart from this, on searching a key word, the files associated with it look different.

Group call limit
In the year 2020, the whole world faced the corona virus epidemic and during this time the use of WhatsApp to connect with loved ones also increased. So far, only four people could join the group video or voice calling option on WhatsApp, but considering the need of users, the app has increased this limit. Now 8 users can also be part of video call or audio call simultaneously on WhatsApp.

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Storage management tool
If WhatsApp is taking a lot of storage in your smartphone, then large files can be deleted easily. Due to better storage management tools on the app, you can now go to Forwarded Photos, Videos and Files in the Storage Management section and delete them and clear the storage. You can also delete the media of different chats. Apart from this, you see files larger than 5MB in the Dedicated section. You can use this tool by going to Manage Storage in the Storage and Data section of Settings.

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