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This amazing feature is going to come in WhatsApp, it will be like Facebook Log Out


  • Users will get new log out feature in WhatsApp
  • This feature was being demanded for a long time.
  • Continuous messages will be closed

WhatsApp has changed our lives completely. Where earlier we used to send text messages by phone to someone to communicate in writing, but after the facility of internet, this has changed a lot. Instant messaging apps came after the Internet and they completely changed the way of sending messages. The most popular of the same instant messaging apps is WhatsApp.

In today’s time, if WhatsApp is called part of our life, then it will not be wrong at all. Recently, WhatsApp introduced its new privacy policy, after which WhatsApp was very bad. People started looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and started transferring to other messaging apps.
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Now we are telling you about the new feature recently introduced by WhatsApp, which is very special for users. Until now, WhatsApp had something to say that there is a way to get into it, but there is no way to go. That is, in other social media sites like Facebook, you login to come online and log out to go offline, thus you only do so until you want to use it.

What happens in such a way that your personal life also remains intact. At the same time, what was there in WhatsApp is that you are always logged in, that is, if your phone has internet on, then you can receive messages or calls anytime, there is no restriction on it. Now WhatsApp has added a new feature to give people a break, here we are telling you about it in detail.
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WhatsApp’s new log out feature:
According to the information received, users will get a new log out feature in WhatsApp. These features were being demanded for a long time and now it is coming. What happens now is that in WhatsApp, all the users are active 24 hours on the phone having internet facility. What happens in such a situation that due to frequent messages in it, one always keeps an eye on the phone.

Sometimes messages from office, sometimes business messages, sometimes messages from friends and close ones. In such a situation, personal life is becoming less or less. Now, when you can get messages continuously, you do not get time to take a break from it.

At the moment, either the message is not received after shutting down the Internet or there is a possibility of uninstalling this app. It has been learned that the option of delete account will also be removed from WhatsApp. It is being told that this new logout feature has been included in the beta version of WhatsApp. Many users are seeing this feature in their WhatsApp account.

The new log out feature of WhatsApp will be given in WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business version. It will be available to both Apple users and Android users. As long as this feature is not included officially, then this feature will be awaited and after its complete arrival, the habit of always being connected to WhatsApp will also improve.

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