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This country will give its citizens absolutely free Corona vaccine, there are very few cases of infection here.

Oslo: Norway is the first country in the world which has announced to provide the Corona vaccine to its citizens free. Naradev Sarkar said, ‘The corona vaccine will be given to all countrymen absolutely free and in this way our country will become a part of the nationalization program.’

Is a European country, but not a member of the European Union. The government here says that by August next year, a vaccine against Corona will be acquired through negotiations with EU pharma companies.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said in a statement, “We want to bring a safe and effective corona vaccine to as many people as possible. That’s why the vaccine will be absolutely free.”

Where will Narev buy vaccine
Sweden is a member of the European Union and a neighbor of the class. Sweden will buy more vaccines and need to reduce them again. “The European Union has so far entered into agreements with three different vaccine manufacturers and is negotiating rivalries with several other manufacturers. India has signed a resale agreement with Sweden,” the government said in a statement.

Coronavirus status in Norway
The condition of corona infection in Norway is much better than in other European countries. According to the Worldometer, Norway ranks 92nd worldwide in terms of corona infection. Norway is ranked 29th when it comes to European countries. The situation is quite bad in countries like Russia, Spain, France, Britain, Germany.

A total of 15,793 people have been alerted to Coronavirus in Norway so far. Of these, 11,863 people are emerging from the disease. 3,653 variants continue to be treated. However, a total of 277 people have also lost their lives here.

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