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This is how you transfer contacts from your old phone to a new smartphone

We all change the phone at some time or the other. This is a common process. If someone changes the phone for new features then the need. Changing the smartphone is easy but backing up the smartphone data is somewhat difficult. We all try to transfer all the data to the new phone while changing the phone. However, many times people face trouble in this. Because many times users do not know how to transfer data. But do you know that there are many such apps through which your data can be backed up in one click. Meanwhile, it happens many times that we miss our contacts which are very important for us.

For this reason, we have brought a way for you to backup contacts from smartphones. Through these methods, you can easily transfer your contacts. Let’s know how to backup contacts from your Android smartphones.

Contax sync with Google account: This is the easiest way. You sync your contacts with your Google account. In such a situation, whenever you access a new phone, you only have to open your Google account. From here you will be able to transfer your contacts to a new phone. For this, you have to go to the Contact app on the phone.
Open it and go to Menu. Then tap on Manage Contacts. Here you will get the option of Sync Contacts. Tap on it. Now you have to select your mail id. After selecting, you have to tap on Sync option given below. This will sync all your contacts with Google account.

Can transfer from SIM card: If your contacts are not synced with your Google account, then you can transfer them from the SIM card as well. Keep in mind that only 250 contacts are transferred to the SIM card. For this, you have to go to the Contact app on the phone. Open it and go to Menu. Then go to Manage Contact and choose import / export. In some phones, this option is given directly. At the same time, a pop-up of export to sim card comes in some. By doing this, contacts will be transferred from the phone to the SIM card.

App transfer like this: There are many such apps in our phones, which we also use in new phones. In this case, you can transfer them to a new phone instead of downloading them again. You can do this by using a free app called Helium. This app takes backup of all the apps in your phone and then transfers them to the new phone. You can also backup them on external USB storage or computer.

Transfer messages like this: There is a very popular app for this called SMS Backup And Restore App. Using this app, you can back up the apps present in the phone.

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