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This Samsung phone will have camera inside the display, screen will be twisted twice

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South Korean smartphone company Samsung has been working on under-screen camera (UDC) technology for a long time and may bring a new phone with it next year. It has now been revealed that for the first time this technology can be seen in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. Reports shared by South Korean Publications say that Samsung’s display team has designed a display that supports under-display cameras.

An industry insider has been quoted in the reports as saying that Samsung can make this innovation in its foldable device. It has already been clear that the company’s flagship Galaxy S21 series will not have an inside display (UDC) camera and punch holes can be seen like the current devices. To increase the light through the display, Samsung has increased the gap between the pixels. Light is reflected from the OLED display layer, so a special algorithm will be needed for image correction.

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Will launch in late 2021
A special camera module will be prepared by Samsung LSI for this. This wide-gap will be seen only in the pixels of the display above the camera lens. So far, only ZTE Axon 20 5G has seen on-screen camera technology. Samsung can also use existing technology in its foldable device with some changes. The Galaxy Z Fold3 is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2021.

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Phone will be folded twice
Many foldable devices have been launched by Samsung and Samsung will bring the next foldable device with flagship specifications and hardware. It was recently revealed that Samsung is developing a twice-folded smartphone, which will also have a sliding keyboard. In the Z Fold3, the company can offer dual-hinge mechanisms and three screen parts. In this way, after folding, users will have a thin device to keep in pocket.

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