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This series, given the memories of years in a month, will not be forgotten The new spirit of the new India

This series, given the memories of years in a month, will not be forgotten The new spirit of the new India
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From 19 December 2020 to 19 January 2021, there are 31 days, but Indian cricket has rotated 180 degrees in this waqf. All the fans, media and analysts were red at the team’s performance with the pink ball in Adelaide. And when the ball turned red, pink tinted on the face. On Boxing Day, the team hit such a punch that the Kangaroos did not understand what happened. The match in Sydney was clawed but Australia lost with the passion and passion of Team India. The dedication of the Indian players led to the draw. A draw that is not less than a win. The draw would be written on the scorecard, but if you ask any Indian cricket fan, then he will tell what was the significance of that draw.

We reached Brisbane after three matches. Which is called Australia team and media fort. And simply does not say. The figures confirm. The fort at which no foreign team has won since 1988. Favorite hunting ground of Australia. To that, the Indian team lost five of the six matches. And he did not get the win. But it is said that fortunes change, who have life in their spirits. The team did the same.

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Fourth innings, fifth day, target of 328. Bowling Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins, Nathan Lyon and Mitchell Starc. Don’t know what the wicket will do. What game will the cracks show? Don’t know what the weather will be like. And in fact India did not even care about it. Pujara played as he plays. The ball was hit on the helmet, on the finger, and was aimed at the chest. But if Pujara does not falter then he will not. And as long as Australia’s hopes of victory were blurred. Critics may say that they are excessively defensive. But Rahane also acknowledged his militancy. Tiring the bowler and giving him the confidence to play freely on the other side are part of Pujara’s game.

And Gil Saab won the heart. Rohit did go cheap but Shubman Gill showed what clay he was made of. Age is short but strong intentions. 91 runs scored. He missed a century but said that he is neither afraid of small balls nor sparing a weak ball. From bridge to drive. Every camera was captured from the cut to the flick. Forever remembered. The first glimpse at the Under-19 World Cup was still attractive and even more so today.

And then Rishabh Pant. Questions on shot selection, luck’s luck and all the agar-buts, but as long as Pant is at the crease, then no target is far away. No matter the format. Even today, everyone was reconciled. Luck, courage, courage and hard work. All go together But Pant tried. That’s when the stop was over.

Ising on the Cake is Washington Beautiful and Shardul Thakur. In the first innings, when the Kangaroo was sitting, both of them showed liveliness. Neither Sundar showed that he was playing his first Test match and neither Thakur showed any weakness. Both were not the first choice. Luck brought them here. But by chance, he managed his hard work. Add 123 runs. Made half century and took three wickets. It is said that when fate knocks the door, it should not be lost. He did not lose No one lost

Bowling attack new in the last Test. Brand new And Australia also tasted new. Which they are not used to. Not even the old Indian fans in the true sense. He never saw Australia batting like this. Did not remain the habit. We have seen Australia playing a raid. But this is New India. This time we attacked. And he did not say anything. In 31 days, Missing became XI. From Kohli to Bumrah, Ashwin, Jadeja, Rahul, Yadav, Shami and many more. But the players kept coming out of Pandora’s box. All ready. The wrestlers were new, but they beat Dhubhar in the same arena and beat him.

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Recall that picture of Siraj, which was seen through the tears flowing from the eyes while playing the national anthem. Remembering the father. The auto-driver father wanted the son to become a test cricketer. And today when the son was being born, the same father had moved away from the world. The pain is that the son could not even see him at the last moment. But the father must have seen his son carrying a red ball in his hand, running on the jersey with India … and said from there … Well done …

And then, talk about Ajinkya Rahane. Rahul Dravid is a typical player from the School of Cricket. Grew up in Mumbai’s cricket nursery. Mildness on the face and calm the mind. No movement. Just keep doing your work well. Handling the team by scoring a century with the bat or changing the bowling attack. Whether to set the fielding or change the batting order. Rahane did everything calmly. The result is in front… India has won the Test series in Australia for the second time in a row. The answer is that the last time Smith would not have lost to Australia without Warner. We were defeated. This time we did not have some players. But the team was complete. Teamwork was complete.

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Teams build up on bench strength. From the West Indies, Australia ruled the cricket world on the same bench strength. It is to be hoped that the strength that Indian cricket has shown in 31 days will continue and Indian fans will get many such opportunities.

Remember 2001 Kolkata, remember 2008 Perth, and then include this match in the same list. The story behind both of those matches is. There are stories, legends, now it will be. You will discuss its anecdote for a long time to come. Gill’s innings, Siraj’s bowling, Thakur-Sundar’s all-round game. Rahane’s captaincy without Virat. Pant’s match-winning game. Everything … is not going to disappear so easily. The figures may be slightly upside-down. Do not remember the entire score. But you will remember the tricolor in Brisbane. The comment about the team India’s annihilation and will remember the young brigade who answered it not from the game of Juban … The picture of this victory has been recorded in the frame of the chest .. In 31 days the treasure of memories has been stopped Series …

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