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This small device of Xiaomi will help you to sleep peacefully, will keep mosquitoes away from speaking

Xiaomi has launched an interesting product that will help you to sleep peacefully. Actually, the Chinese company has launched a new Xiaomi MIJIA Mosquito Repellent 2 device, which acts as a mosquito repellent. The special thing is that this small device comes with XiaoAI voice switch and Mizia App remote control support. First of all know why this product is special …

Why this product is special

  • According to Xiaomi, transfluithrin is used as an anti-mosquito agent (drug) in Mizia Intelligent Mosquito Repellent 2. The machine has a fan which spreads the medicine at a uniform speed.
  • The single effective time of the drug is 1080 hours. If used 8 hours per night, it can be used for about 4.5 months. This device is suitable for 28 square meters of space, and users can place it anywhere.
  • The device has two power supply modes. It can be run either through two AA batteries or directly via the USB-C interface. You can use voice control, remote control and smart linkage feature in USB-C power supply mode with Xiaoai speaker with Bluetooth mesh gateway function.
  • When the machine is on in USB-C power supply mode, it can also be controlled by voice through XiaoAI. It can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. You can set the timing switch from the phone and get information about the remaining power of the medicine.

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How much is the price
This smart product from Xiaomi will be available on the crowdfunding platform with a price of 59 yuan or about $ 9 (Rs 660). Crowdfunding will begin on May 12 at 10 am. Please tell that at the moment this device is available for sale only in China.

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