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This way find out the live location of anyone, just have to do this work


  • You enter someone’s number and their whereabouts can be seen in front of you.
  • Methods to find out the current status of online mobile numbers
  • Let’s know about this app

Just think how good it would be to enter someone’s number and their whereabouts can be revealed to you. By the way, there are many apps which can help you in this work. Today we are telling you about one of these apps here. We are giving you information about how to find out the current status of online mobile number in this article. So let’s know about this app.

The name of this app is Spyic. The company says that it is a reliable mobile tracker app that helps you get the location of any number. You can get the location of anyone through the Stealth mode given in it. This app works on iOS and Android platforms. This app uses SIM card, Wi-Fi and GPS for tracking. So let’s know how the location can be tracked through this.
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Learn how to use Spyic App:

This app can be used on iOS devices. It is a web-based solution. This app extracts iCloud backup of the account associated with the device. You do not have to download and install any software for this. Because this app works without software download. It is 100% undetectable.

For Android devices, you can download and install Spyic on your device. After this you can hide the app. Then this app can run in the background without anyone knowing. There is also no icon of this app. This app is said to be secure to use. It neither collects your personal data nor shares it with the third party.
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Setup the Spyic app like this:

Step 1: You have to signup for a Spyic account. For this, you have to set a username through your email id. You will get installation instructions on this mail id.

Step 2: After this you have to choose a monthly plan. For a single device, you can take a premium plan. If you want to track the location of many numbers, then you have to get a corporate and family plan.

Step 3: You have to check the email for setup instruction. Then you have to launch the setup wizard. Then you have to choose between Android and iOS.

If you want to track an iPhone or iPad, then you need to enter its iCloud details. After this, you have to wait for a few minutes until the app syncs that device.

If you need information about the number of an Android phone, then you will have to download and install this software on the target phone. After that you can hide it. This app will run in the background and send user data to your web dashboard.

Step 4: You only have to login to your web dashboard to know the location of anyone. This will be the control panel of the dashboard app. This location tracker feature will be given in the selection menu on the left.
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What features will be found in the Spyic app:

Visual tracking: This app shows you the location of the mobile number on the map. Wherever the device is, its location will be pinned on the map.

Location Log: This location tracks related details. It provides information of street name, neighborhood, time and date etc.

Google Map Support: Users can learn more about location with integrated Google Map support. Apart from this, you can also view Google 3D Street View.

Geofencing: Through its support, you can set up a watch zone at any place. If the device comes in this area or goes out of that area then a notification will be sent to you for this.

SIM card tracking: Mobile number can be detected online through cellular connection. Under this, all important details related to the SIM are provided. This is a separate tracking feature that you can get under the SIM card section of the dashboard.

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