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Tiger Shroff on a role with the hardcore action thriller Heropanti 2, Baaghi 4, Rambo and Ganpat

By Joginder Tuteja

The man has found his groove, and how. With a blockbuster war of 300 crore clubs under his belt, a big century in Baaghi 2, and then a possible 100 crore club success Baaghi 3 (which fell to less than Rs 100 crore due to the theaters closing in March), Tiger Shroff is enjoying continued success with his action thriller. While the audience is really liking what it has to offer in the action arena, now more is in the pipeline.

It has just been announced that Baaghi 4 is in the making and it adds yet another to the repertoire of action thrillers that Tiger Shroff will appear in the 2021-22 timeframe. All are set to start shooting with Heropanti 2, with Ganpat to follow soon, and already working for Rambo as well, an outpost of action films that Tiger will bring to the screen.

Not that anyone is complaining. After all, the actor bursting into the scene with Heropanti continues to demonstrate good success, especially when it comes to the action genre. Heropanti was followed by Baaghi and was a huge success, emerging as a film superhit. No wonder producer Sajid Nadiadwala, who launched Tiger Shroff, is putting his money where the profits are and that reflects sheer scale, size and grandeur, followed by Baaghi 3’s Baaghi 3.

It is now also expected to appear in Heropanti 2, which is coming again with Tiger and Sajid alongside director Ahmed Khan after Baaghi 2 and Baaghi 3. The film’s first look poster was released a long time ago and promised to feature Tiger in a clever avatar. Considering the fact that he has traditionally been seen in a more visual form and scene, it will be exciting to see how Tiger steps into a trendy look and feel.

For the public, Ganpat is in the making with director Vikas Bahl. As the title suggests, it is more rooted in nature and tells the story of a boxer. However, there is going to be rustic action here in the order of the day, one is waiting to see how Tiger performs in a ring in a confined space, given the fact that he played an entire country in Baaghi 3 Waged war against (Syria).

Rambo is going on a completely different plane though. An official remake of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo, the announcement of the film, as well as a spectacular launch poster, returned several moons. Subsequently, directors Siddharth Anand and Tiger Shroff decided to do something different on the stage of war with Hrithik Roshan. With the film emerging as the highest-grossing action entertainer from Bollywood, the stakes will now be higher with Rambo, especially given the legacy he needs to live on.

On the other hand, Sajid Nadiadwala has already announced large-scale plans for Baaghi 4, which is now officially the first action franchise to come from Bollywood which has gone into the fourth installment. Also, for an actor who has fewer than 10 films to his name, Tiger Shroff has done well enough to earn two big franchises for his name, Baaghi and Heropanti and that too with the same producer .

Of course, the expectations are only going to be too high for him and there will also be a lot of hard work that Tiger will have to demonstrate, given the difficult time that he will be due to all the hardcore action in the coming months. Need to perform for the camera. Unlike a play or a comedy, where the preparation is more mental in nature, action as a genre requires a lot of physical stress. This may well be the test of time for Tiger Shroff who is clearly one of the youngest superstars from Bollywood.

Joginder Tuteja is a business expert and film critic and loves to talk and write about anything related to films. Views are personal.

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