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TikTok banned: TikTok not working in phones, government has banned 59 Chinese apps – tiktok stops working for users in India who alreday have it in phone

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It is no longer possible to use TikTok in any way in India. TickTalk also includes apps banned by the central government on Tuesday. On Wednesday, TikTok was removed from the Play Store and App Store in India. But now this app has stopped working in the country completely. That is, users who have TicketTalk in the phone, they are not able to use it now.
After being removed from Google and Apple's App Store, all support for TicketLock has been removed. Even after being removed from the App Store, the users whose phone was present in the app were still able to use it. But now Ticketcock is completely offline in the country.

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A message is visible on the opening of Tiktok app, in which the government has written about the order to ban 59 Chinese apps –

Dear users

On June 29, 2020, the Indian government has decided to block 59 apps, including TicketLock. We are in the process of implementing the orders given by the Government of India and are in talks with the government on this issue so that some sort of solution can be found.

Our foremost priority is to ensure the privacy and security of all our users in India.

Tittock India Team

59 Chinese apps banned, including TikTok, Helo, Shareit, Likee, see full list here

Apart from this, TicketLock's website is also no longer available in India. Clicking on Tiktok's website is being redirected to the tiktok.com/notfound page. The same message is visible here too.

Let us know that apart from all the major networks including Airtel, broadband services like Spectra and Exitel have also stopped their support for TikTalk.

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Tittock is among 59 apps that were banned by the Indian government on Tuesday night. The most impact of the ban has been on Tiktok because India has the largest user base of Tiktok. Tittock has also been the most downloaded in India. Ticketlock users have been complaining on social media continuously since Tiktok was banned. Many users have also expressed disappointment over the banning of TikTok in the country by making videos.

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