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TikTok: TikTok ban: 155% increase in download of desi and non-chinese video sharing app – tiktok ban results into huge benefits for indian and non chinese video sharing app

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Indian and non-Chinese video sharing apps are benefiting after the TikTok ban. This is the reason that nowadays users who are looking for TicketTock options are increasingly using these apps. According to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, Roposo, Zili and Dubsmash installations in India have grown by a total of 155 percent in the last three weeks.

India was a big market for Tiktok

Censor Tower stated that India was a big market for Tiktok. Before leaving, Tittock generated 16.5 million downloads in the first quarter of 2020 on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This is 26.4 percent of the total global downloads in the first quarter itself. It also includes downloads on Douyin, considered to be China's iOS. However, it excluded third party Android Market Place.

Roposo downloaded 2.18 million times

Roposo, Jilly and Dubsmash had total 2.18 million downloads in India since the ban. According to the app intelligence firm, it accounts for 13 percent of TicketTalk's total downloads in India in the first quarter of 2020.

Roposo No. 1 in all-time installations

Roposo is at number 1 in terms of Indian video sharing app with 7.1 million all-time installations. After this, Jilly is at number two with 5.1 million downloads and Dubsmash with 3.04 million installations at third place. Roposo is an app by a company called InMobi. At the same time, Jisi is the app of Chinese publisher Xiaomi. Talking about dubsmash, it was born in New York.

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Attempt to woo Ticketok users

Sensor Tower said, 'New apps like LitLot, Moj, Josh and MX TakaTak have been launched around the ban. These apps have been included in the list of Trell and Spark which tell their own Made in India. The effort of these apps is to attract a large user base of TicketLock in the name of homegrown products. '

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