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Tips to increase internet speed, learn everything about broadband connection and internet expenses

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Internet data is being used more due to work from home and online classes. In such a situation, people are getting broadband connections. Many times we do not know how much our month-long data usage is and which connection should be taken. Telling the experts how to choose the right broadband connection Rajesh Bharti …

Expert panel
– Vihaan Gulati, Tech Expert
– Amit Kumar, Broadband Expert

What is broadband
Broadband Internet connection. Through this, multiple devices running on the Internet such as computers, laptops, smartphones, smart devices, etc. can be connected together. Internet speed is very fast through broadband. Broadband connection can be taken to home or shop. There are 4 types of broadband connections:

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1. DSL:
Internet is used from the line of landline telephone installed at home or office. It has a plugline splitter that separates the telephone line and the router (modem) via wire. The greater the distance of the computer from the splitter, the lower the internet speed. It is rarely used now.

2. Cable: If you have a cable in your area then it can also give you an internet connection. However, the speed of internet coming through cable is quite low. Also, the more its customers, the lower the speed of the Internet.

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3. Satellite: It is also a wireless internet connection. It is used in areas where internet access is difficult. An antenna is installed at the customer’s home or shop to access the Internet in this manner. This brings signals and provides internet.

4. Fiber-optic: This is the latest method of internet connection. An internet connection is provided through fiber optic wire. This connection provides internet speed up to 1Gbps. However, its facility is limited to large cities or small cities. Its network is spreading rapidly across the country.

How important is broadband connection
These two examples can understand how important it is to have a broadband connection.

1. Rohit is doing ‘Work from Home’. They have mobile connections from two different companies. Both of them get 1.5–1.5GB of data daily. Accordingly, they get 3GB of data every day. One has to download only one or two PDF files a day while doing work from home. Apart from this, there is no other use of internet. In such a situation, 3GB data is enough for Rohit. Often a SIM’s data is spent and Internet speed is also available. In such a situation, Rohit does not need any broadband connection. Similarly, people who do not have much use of internet data, there is no need to get a broadband connection.

2. Shalini works in an HR department in a company. She is currently doing ‘Work from Home’. Every day they have two video conferences of about 1–1 hours each. She also takes 4 to 5 video interviews a day. They have two children, who also have a two-hour online class every day. Her husband is also doing much of his business from home via the Internet. Also, they also watch movies or wave series on streaming video apps like Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, G5, Netflix etc. They cost around 10GB of data daily. In such a situation, they have taken a broadband connection. Like them, broadband connection should be taken if the daily data expenditure of any one is more.

Broadband features
– Broadband connection is cheaper than any other internet medium.
– It can be used at any one place. Can not walk with it.
– Internet speed is available in a distance of up to 20 feet at any one place. After this the low and then it ends.
– Companies offer many types of plans which can be chosen according to their convenience.
– Now many companies are giving unlimited data (without reducing speed) in their plan.

Connection rates
If you are taking a fiber-optic broadband connection, then you have to pay so much money every month:
Speed Monthly charge
Rs 500 up to 50Mbps
800 rupees up to 100Mbps
1000 rupees up to 150Mbps
1500 rupees up to 300Mbps
500Mbps up to 2500 rupees
4000 rupees up to 1Gbps

note: Monthly charges are estimated for unlimited data. Changes in price and data are possible according to different companies.

Which connection would be better
When broadband connection is to be taken, the question arises as to how to take the connection. There is a greater need for data or Internet speed or both. Keep these things in mind before taking a broadband connection:

1. Internet Speed
Like Rohit, someone has 3GB of data daily, but if he does not get internet speed where he lives, then 3GB of data is of no use to him. In such a situation, broadband connection has to be taken. At the same time, when many devices run on the Internet simultaneously at home, the speed of the Internet is reduced by dividing them between devices. How much speed of internet will be enough, consider it like this:

If you want to watch a video in HD quality on one screen, then you should take an internet connection with a speed of more than 5Mbps. Here, a screen means that the video has to be viewed on a smartphone or TV or computer or laptop. As soon as you start watching videos on more than one device, the internet speed will decrease.

These days, there are at least four devices (two smartphones, a computer or laptop and a TV) in common households. In such a situation, a broadband connection with a speed of at least 30Mbps should be taken at home. At the same time, 100Mbps connection will be the best if you want internet connection for office video conference, video call, online classes etc.

2. Data Limit
Internet speed is required less or more, the data limit is in both. However, some companies are now offering unlimited data with different speeds. If you do not have many devices to use the Internet, then you can also take a low speed plan. In this you get more or unlimited data. Such plans are cheaper than high speed plans. Think of how much data you will be able to spend in a month:

If you use the Internet on a computer or laptop for surfing only during ‘Work from Home’ or download 8-10 photos in a day through WhatsApp, then 1GB of data a day is enough. Accordingly, 30GB data a month.

If watching a movie in SD quality on a smartphone or TV screen and the movie is about two and a half hours, then about 1.5GB of data will be gone. At the same time, if you are watching movies in HD quality, then about 4GB of data will be exhausted. The same data cost will also apply to the streaming video app. If you watch about two and a half hours of video in HD quality, then 120GB of data will be spent in a month.

In this way, you can choose your plan according to the data expenditure.

3. Additional features: Some companies offer unlimited voice calling with streaming brand connection, streaming video apps like Disney Hotstar, G5, Amazon Prime etc. for free. Also, there is some discount on taking a one-year subscription.

Router is also special

You also get a router with a broadband connection. Router plays an important role in internet speed through Wi-Fi. If you are taking a connection of 100Mbps speed and the router is not of good quality then you will not be able to enjoy 100Mbps speed internet. If installing a broadband connection, the router should be:

Always make the router double banded. These run on the 5GHz band. They are a bit expensive compared to 2.5GHz but they do not affect the wall, door etc. between the router and your device and the internet speed is good. To know the band, check the model name of the router being installed by the company on the company’s website. You can see the characteristics of the router there. It will be clearly written how much band the router is and how many GHz. If this information is not available on the website, you can find the model by typing on the name of Google.

Also keep in mind wireless connectivity (speed) while installing the router. It would be better to have a router with 450Mbps speed. This is the maximum speed router. If you take a connection of 500Mbps speed and the router is of 300Mbps speed then you will not be able to enjoy the maximum Mbps speed via Wi-Fi. If you want to take a 150Mbps connection, then a router with a speed of 300Mbps would be better. The speed information of the router will also be found in the specifications.

Most routers have antennas. Antina refers to its range. Actually, there are bBi ratings for the antenna. If 2BHK live in a flat then a router with 2-4dBi range is enough. Then whether the antenna is one or four, it does not matter.

– Always have the router installed in a place where you use the Internet more than sitting. If using Wi-Fi in the room, put the router in the room. The further away the router is from your device, the lower the speed of the Internet.

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