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work from home how to setup offline mode in google docs and not lose on important work

work from home how to setup offline mode in google docs and not lose on important work
We have already given you information about the apps and devices that Work from home That is, you can come to work in the office from home. Corona virus (coronavirus) Due to which many institutes all over the world have asked their employees to work at home. We will tell you today a work feature that will help in your home office setup. Today, most people use Google Word software such as docs, sheets etc. They are used to write articles or to share reports. Google docs There is an online word processor that allows users to share documents with multiple people at once. Apart from this, many people can work together in it and can also see real time changes. However, if you are working from home, due to unstable internet connection, there is a fear of losing written data many times. If you have this fear in your mind, then we are going to tell you about a feature of Google Docs that can solve your problem. Whether your connection is bad or better, we recommend that you should enable Google Docs Offline mode.

Offline mode When turned on, Google Docs automatically syncs all data when a stable connection is returned. Apart from this, this feature is quite useful even when there is no internet connectivity. Keep in mind that this feature only works in Chrome, so it is important that you have Google Chrome installed.

First of all open Google Chrome and click on the link below to install Google Chrome offline extension

Google Chrome offline extension


Google Docs is an online word processor

Go to Google Docs, Sheets (Slides) or Slides (Slides) and click on the three horizontal lines there


Offline mode will work only if you have Google Chrome

Now go to Settings and enable Offline toggle. Once enabled, the extension will automatically sync all the latest docs, sheets and slides data for offline use.


Offline mode is very useful when there is bad internet

After this, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that the offline mode has been successfully activated and setup.

Users can also manually save some important files in offline mode by clicking on Make available offline option under Files option.

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