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To end violence, recruitment of youth in army is very important: Ayushman Khurana on National Youth Day

Youth-icon and Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana is truly a thought-leader who intends to bring constructive, positive change in society through his progressive and social message-entertaining films. Time magazine considered Ayushmann one of the most influential people in the world and recently UNICEF made him a renowned advocate for his global campaign EVAC (End of Violence Against Children). This time on the occasion of National Youth Day, Ayushmann explained how the youth of the country can end violence.

Ayushmann says, “When the youth of the country will have the same thinking on this issue and they will join the army to end violence against children, then only we can expect a big change in the country.” To be honest, the youth of the country can help their peers recognize and understand different types of violence. ‘

The Versatile actor says, ‘In the event of molesting a girl on the street, call your helpline for help, or file a complaint / complaint against your partner on the helpline, taking small steps like asking for help and helping Or to convince the parents of the victims, their teachers or school officials to listen to them, the youth of our country can bring a big change. ‘

Ayushmann will continue this campaign with UNICEF in 2021. He says, ‘UNICEF aims to spread awareness about violence against children in the year 2021, make the issue a matter of discussion, as well as prevent and encourage public action. In addition, we, institutions and programs that help people suffering from violence, should continue to raise their voices, and support them in every possible way. ‘

He says, ‘Violence against children is widespread in our society, which includes many different forms of violence such as bullying, sexual exploitation, assault and online violence. In most cases, the perpetrators are people whom children trust or know very well, and such people include parents, family members, neighbors and friends or relatives. It is the responsibility of all of us to end all forms of violence against children and we all have to continue to strive together. ‘

Ayushmann hopes that along with UNICEF, he will be able to help all the children who need immediate protection. He says, “We have aimed to provide every child with a loving, safe and extremely supportive environment during their childhood and adolescence, which will make both their body and brain healthy and healthy.”

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