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Transfer Amazon Pay balance to your bank account with this easy trick, work will be done in a pinch


  • Transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank account
  • Few steps have to be followed
  • may have to pay some fees

New Delhi. Nowadays people use payment wallet of every company. There is also Amazon Pay in this. It is now being used more than before. Even people send Amazon Gift Cards to each other. The company provides many features for this wallet. But at present there is no such way through which a person can transfer Amazon Pay balance to his bank account. There is no direct way to do this but there is a way through which Amazon Pay balance can be transferred to the bank account. Please note that you may have to pay some fees in this process.

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Transfer Amazon Pay balance to bank account like this:

Amazon introduced a Gold Wallet feature. Under this, customers can buy and sell gold digitally. For this, the company partnered with SafeGold. Amazon Pay balance option is also available to buy gold from here. This means you can also buy gold from Amazon Pay balance. Once you buy gold from Amazon Pay balance, then you can sell it and transfer it to your bank account.

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How to Buy Gold with Amazon Pay Balance:

  • For this you have to go to the Amazon app. Then tap on the Gold Vault icon.
  • After this you will see the current price of gold. There will be an option to buy and sell it.
  • Enter the amount of gold you want to buy.
  • After this you have to tap on Proceed To Buy. Then Amazon Pay balance has to be selected for payment.
  • Now you will see Vault. Make payment from here. You will start seeing gold in your gold wallet.

How to do Gold Sale:

  • You have to go to the Amazon app. Then tap on the Gold Vault icon.
  • Here you will also see the option to sell gold.
  • From here, whatever money you get by selling gold, you can take it on any UPI ID.
  • In this way your Amazon Pay balance amount will be transferred to your bank account.

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Please note that you may have to pay some charges for this. Actually, when gold is bought from here, then GST of 3 percent is included in it. In such a situation, whenever we sell gold from here, it includes GST, bank charges, technology charges etc. The same difference is visible when selling gold.

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