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Twitter new feature: Save your tweets in schedule and drafts at the desired time, got new feature – twitter now allows users to schedule tweets from its web app, users can save drafts too

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Many times you are free and want to tweet something, then postpone thinking that I will later and forget. Now this will not happen because microblogging site Twitter has given two new options to the users. On Twitter's website, now users will be able to schedule their tweets for any time they want. Apart from this, tweets can also be saved in draft and later any tweet written earlier will be able to be user.

Giving information about the new features, Twitter wrote that now users can schedule tweets from the main web app at their desired time. While tweeting, users will also see a calendar icon along with the rest of the icons in the compose window, after clicking on which the tweet can be scheduled. Twitter said in November last year that the schedule tweet feature is being tested and has now been officially rolled out.

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Will be able to save drafts

The microblogging site has not only given the option to schedule tweets, but many tweets will now be able to be saved to the users draft. That is, if you want to tweet later, but not now, it can be saved in the draft. For this, you have to click on the cross icon appearing in the top left corner of the compose window while writing or after writing a tweet. After doing this, Twitter will give you the option to save that text in draft and you will be able to save it.

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No new features in the app

To tweet old drafts, all you have to do is open the compose window. After this, Unsent Tweets will be written in the top right corner. After clicking on this option, all the drafts that you have saved earlier will be visible. By choosing any of these, you can further edit and tweet. However, this option is only given on the web app, this means that in the mobile app, such an option will not be available to the users and drafts will not sync there.

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