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US First Lady Melania Trump gave information, ‘Younger son also had corona infection’

Recently US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump have returned from the hospital recovering from a corona infection. At the same time, Melania Trump, wife of US President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday that her 14-year-old son Baron was also found to be split-19 positive. Although his report first came negative.

Sentimental letter shared on social media

Let us know that on 1 October President Trump and his wife Melania Coronatte were found. Melania has since shared a letter on social media. In this letter, she writes that, ‘It was natural that immediately after I found myself corona positive, I immediately got worried about my son’. However, after the test, his report came negative then I was relieved. But he was also thinking about the days that had come. The First Lady wrote in her emotional letter that, ‘My fear was proved true when she was again undergone corona test and her report came back positive this time. She writes that Baron is a courageous boy, with no signs of corona.

Son’s report kept confidential

Melania says that even in this difficult time, the three of us were very happy because this was the time when we all wanted to support each other. Not only this, we also spent a lot of time with each other during this time. She says her son’s report came negative after this. However, the First Lady kept her son’s report in confidence. At the same time, Melania did not explain why she had previously made Barron’s positive report public.

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