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Use of Google Chrome to avoid this dangerous virus, government released 7 free tools


  • 7 new tools offered to protect smartphones and digital devices from new virus botnet attacks
  • Can download this tool for free
  • If you use Google Crom then you should keep it in your system for its security

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is offering 7 new tools to protect computers, smartphones and digital devices of Indian citizens from new virus botnet attacks. MeitY has taken this step as a Cyber ​​Clean Center (Botnet Cleaning and Malware Analysis Center). These tools are being operated through the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) with partners such as Quick Heal and eScan. Botnets are a group of infected devices that work together for harmful tasks. These devices are controlled by hackers. During this time he is sending spam to users, stealing data, gaining unauthorized access, through which DDSS is being attacked. Here we are giving you information about free tools to avoid this type of attack.

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Quick Heal Free Bot Removal Tool for Microsoft WIndows
Cyber ​​security firm Quick Heal is offering bot removal tool for free with CERT-In. You can download this tool for free.

EScan Antivirus Free Bot Removal Tool for WIndows PC
Another free bot removal tool is offered for Windows PCs like eScan Antivirus. You can download this tool for free.

For Android phones: eScanAV CERT-In Toolkit
CERT-In has introduced a Smartphone Safety Toolkit with eSCan. This tool is designed to fight bots. This tool can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

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USB Pratirodh Desktop Security Solution
USB Pratirodh is a desktop security solution. It controls the use of removable storage media such as pen drives, external hard drives, cell phones and supported USB mass storage devices. You can download this tool for free.

AppSamvid is a desktop based application whitelisting solution for the Windows operating system. This allows a previously approved set of fine files to work. It can be downloaded for free.

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Browser JSGuard for Firefox web browser to prevent harmful HTML attacks
Browser JSGuard is a type of browser extension that detects and protects harmful HTML and JavaScript attacks through web browsers based on heuristics. Gives users information when visiting any harmful web page. Gives full report of that web page. If you use Firefox web browser then you should download it. You can download it for free.

Browser JSGuard for Google Crom
If you use Google Crom then you should keep it in your system for its security. This browser JSGuard can be downloaded for free.

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