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Video: How Ricky Ponting ‘predicted’ Prithvi Sau’s dismissal

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting has a deep understanding of the game. He is a two-time World Cup champion captain. He has captained the team that has won its victory mark around the world. A look at how beautifully Ponting assesses the game was seen during the first Test match between Australia and India in Adelaide.

Ponting has spent a lot of time with Indian opener Prithvi Shaw. Ponting is the coach of the Delhi Capitals team in the Indian Premier League and Sav plays for this team. Ponting accurately predicted Sau’s dismissal.

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Ricky Ponting was doing a commentary when the Indian innings started. Ponting mentioned that Savu feels troublesome on the inside ball.

He said that the Australian bowlers should bowl to Prithvi Shaw and Mitchell Starc bowled the second ball just like that.

Ponting said, “If there is a shortcoming in the batting of Sav, then it is the ball coming in.” He often leaves a gap between the pad and the bat. This is where the Australian bowlers will target.

Talking about the dismissal of Sau, left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Starc came in after eating a good length on good length. Sav tried to drive the ball without footwork. The ball took the inside edge of the bat and hit the middle-stump. After Saw’s dismissal, there was a trend on social media. People targeted him fiercely. The second blow to India was done by Pat Cummins when Mayank Agarwal was bowled.

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