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Video viral: elderly lady fan advised MS Dhoni, name of son only to be illuminated

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Former India captain Mahdeen Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is one of the few sports stars who has not lost their fan following even after retirement. The latest example of this was seen when an elderly woman not only came to meet him but also gave him blessings and advice. Dhoni dealt with his elderly lover very simplistically.

During this, Dhoni was advised by the elderly woman that if she would have a son, she should be named Roshan. He will illuminate your name worldwide. Actually, it is being told that the former Indian captain was busy in a shoot in Mumbai. During this time an elderly woman arrived there to meet him. The woman while talking to Dhoni said that she has a shop and houses of 5000 square feet.

He said that I have 5 sons and now I spend time with my grandchildren. To this Dhoni replied that this is the best time. You can spend time with grandchildren. After this, the elderly lady asked Dhoni that how many children do you have? To this Dhoni answers – There is one. Female Fan asks if she has a son? So Dhoni says that he is not a daughter.

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After that, the woman says, if you have a son, then keep her name Roshan. He will illuminate your name. My prayers are with you During this time all the sons of the woman were also with him. Dhoni retired from international cricket on August 15 in 2020. In IPL-14, his fans will once again see him playing on the field.

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