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Vindo kamble bole- jab stands main jakar fan ko marne lage the inzamam ul haq hum sab dang the – Vinod Kambli spoke

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 01 Aug 2020, 02:51:00 PM IST

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Amid the lockdown triggered by the Corona virus, players and former players from around the world are sharing their opinions on memorable moments in their careers. Many times in this episode, if even disputed aspects of the game are discussed, then everyone has their own opinion. One such moment is that of Inzamam Ul Haq when Inzamam-ul-Haq went to the stand in a match between India and Pakistan in Toronto in 1997 and confronted an audience.

A few days ago, former Pakistan captain Waqar Younis gave his opinion on the issue. Now Vinod Kamble, the former batsman of Team India, has given his opinion on this episode. Kambli said that we were stunned to see that form of Inzamam.

Kambli said that we were sitting in the dressing room because our team was batting at that time. Meanwhile, Inzamam, fielding on the slip, came to fielding towards the boundary and he got the bat from the 12th player of his team. When the 12th player of Pakistan was going to Inzamam with a bat, we were also surprised as to why he is carrying the bat during fielding. Kambli was speaking on 'The Greatest Rivalry Podcast'.

Kambli said, “When the 12th player of the Pakistan camp was taking the bat towards the field during the fielding of Pakistan, then all the players sitting in the dressing room were discussing among themselves why the bat is being called. And then this incident happened. All of us players were discussing how this incident happened.

During this match, Inzamam brought a spectator sitting in the stand, dragging him down to reach the stand. After this, the security personnel reached there after a lot of efforts. Till now, the reason for this incident was believed that Inzamam was angry with the audience because he was teasing him as 'Aloo-Aloo'. But recently, former Pakistani captain Waqar Younis said that the reason was not the potato, but that he was making lewd comments on the wife of the Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin. Engi was furious at this.

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