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Virat Kohli as captain: I became the captain of Team India, MS Dhoni's role in it important: Virat Kohli – i become captain of team india ms dhoni played big role in this says virat kohli

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 01 Jun 2020, 06:49:00 PM IST

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Team India captain Virat Kohli has given the credit of becoming captain of the Indian team to his predecessor, captain MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni). Virat said that there is a process of not becoming a captain in one night, which Mahi Bhai assessed me with. Let us tell you that there is a situation of lockdown across the country due to the deadly coronavirus, due to which all sports activities have come to a standstill. The players are at their homes these days and they are becoming very familiar with their fans through social media.

In this episode, Virat Kohli recently appeared in a live chat session on Instagram with his team's senior spin off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. Here he discussed cricket and many interesting things outside of cricket.

Meanwhile, Ashwin questioned Virat about becoming his captain. Virat has credited MS Dhoni for getting the captaincy of the Indian team. He said, 'Mahi bhai has a very big role in getting me the captaincy of the national team. Even though I was ready to take responsibilities, but I did not even dream of becoming the captain of Team India.

Virat told, “When I felt that I had confirmed my place in the team, then I started a conversation with Dhoni about the different tactics of the team.” He said, “Maybe this attitude of mine gave Dhoni the confidence that I can take over the reins of captaincy”.

During this, Virat Kohli said, 'After my debut for India, I thought that I would just play for Team India continuously, it was just that I would always be in the playing XI.'

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He said, 'After this, when I made a place in the team, I started talking to the captain regularly. I was always near his ears, talking to him on different strategies. I think this gave them a lot of confidence in me that I can handle this responsibility. '

Virat Kohli said, 'There is no one-night thing in the transition from one captain to another. You have to build this trust and prove that you can handle the responsibility. I believe that his role in this is very important.

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