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Virat Kohli’s nature is completely off the field: Adam Jumpa

Australia’s leg-spinner Adam Jampa became part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team last year. This year he went to the UAE with the team but did not get much opportunities to play. Jampa played three matches and took two wickets in that. However, Jampa got a chance to spend time with team captain Virat Kohli and the young leg-spinner feels that Kohli is quite different from the field.

In an interview to the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, the 28-year-old spinner said that Kohli had WhatsApp him before arriving in the UAE and made him feel that they had known each other for quite some time.

Jampa said, ‘This was my first day of reaching UAE. Kohli Whatsapp me. I did not have their number. They made me feel that we have known each other for a long time.

Jampa said that Kohli is completely different after the match is over. He said, ‘He is not exactly the way he appears on the field. Whether training or matches, he maintains passion. He likes competition and he does not like losing at all.

He said, ‘He expresses his feelings openly. Once he goes out of the field, he has fun. He watches videos on YouTube in a bus and laughs out loud. ‘

Jampa further recalled how Kohli laughed out loud at the funniest run-out video shared by Cricket Australia.

Jampa said, ‘Cricket Australia recently shared a cricket clip. This was a video of a phoney run-out. He laughed after watching that video for three weeks. He talks about coffee, traveling, food etc. He is very gentle. It feels good to talk to them. ‘

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