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Virat Kohli’s team has a chance to become India’s all-time great team: Sunil Gavaskar

New Delhi
Sunil Gavaskar feels that the Indian team captained by Virat Kohli will have the chance to become the all-time great Indian team (India Cricket Team). Gavaskar said that if the Indian team wins the series in India and South Africa, then it will be the best team in India. The former captain described South Africa as the biggest challenge for India as India has not won any series in this country.

India has recently made it to the finals of the ICC World Test Championship. Here he will be competing against New Zealand. If India defeats New Zealand, then it will achieve the status of being the best team in Test cricket at present.

According to Gavaskar, this Indian team has match winners with both bat and ball and this is what distinguishes them from the teams of the past.

Gavaskar told the Telegraph, ‘There is an old saying that captains and coaches are as good as their team and this is absolutely true. .The Indian team has players to turn the match with both ball and bat. This has happened to very few Indian teams of the past. They have a big chance to win in England and especially South Africa and achieve the status of being the greatest Indian team of all time.

After the former opener recently won in Australia, there is only South Africa left in the SENA countries for the Indian team where he did not win.

India is currently the number one team in Test cricket. He has achieved this by defeating England after Australia.

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