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VORTECS REPORT: When this indicator lights up, LUNA, MATIC and EGLD usually gain 10% #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain

Consistency is not usually a hallmark of crypto asset price movements. In volatile markets, outliers often become the norm – while macro analysis of large cap assets such as bitcoin and ether is often too broad.

For cryptocurrencies with smaller market capitalization, it can be even more difficult to find trading patterns. But as the VORTECS Score™ from Cointelegraph Markets Pro continues to absorb the history of nearly 200 digital assets, careful analysis of some crypto tokens shows that patterns do exist: even if they are invisible to the human eye, the data lie. is not.

Markets Pro and The TIE’s data science team regularly screened a number of cryptocurrencies that reached VORTECS™ scores of over 80 since the Quant algorithm was launched on January 3, 2021.

A score of 80 generally indicates that the algorithm has a reasonably high confidence that the combination of positive sentiment, price action, trading volume and tweet volume that the market currently sees has historically influenced that particular sentiment over the next few years. The prices for the property have increased. day.

In the chart below, we can see assets that hit that score in at least 20 days since launch, including AVX, EGLD, VX, Matic, FTM, Luna, AXS, AAVE, Sand and COTI.

The blue bar shows the number of days on which the asset reaches at least 80 – if the coin rises above 80 and then retreats below, only one recorded per day, before the score is achieved again. was; All subsequent hits were ignored over the next 24 hours.

Orange bars represent the number of occasions on which the asset’s value rose 3% in the subsequent 72 hours, while gray bars show a 5% gain and yellow represent a 10% gain.

LUNA boasts the most consistent gain of at least 3% followed by a VORTECS™ score of 80, achieving that milestone 92% of the time:

  • Received 3% in value 92% of the time
  • Received 5% in value 84% of the time
  • Received 10% in value 68% of the time

Elrond (EGLD) has a strong set of scores after 80:

  • Received 3% in value 65% of the time
  • Received 5% in value 61% of the time
  • Received 10% in value 55% of the time

Sandbox (SAND) stands for Highly Consistent Marginal Gain that does not translate into more than 10% returns of the same type:

  • Received 3% in value 86% of the time
  • Received 5% in value 82% of the time
  • Received 10% in value 41% of the time

What is Vortex?™

The VORTECS™ Score is an algorithmic metric derived from historical analysis of the crypto markets.

For each of the ~200 crypto assets supported by Cointelegraph Markets Pro, the algorithm is hunting for moments in time that most closely resemble the current marketscape – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Specifically, it is looking for patterns that have led to significant frequent price movements in the past.

Those patterns include a variety of factors: Volume, Outlook, RealPrice, Tweet Volume, Elevation, Confidence, and Sentiment… or VORTECS™ for short.

The algorithm combines all this raw data into a VORTECS™ score, which is designed to identify the general health of the market for a particular crypto asset. A high score suggests that in the past, conditions similar to what we are seeing now have often led to an increase in the price of that asset. The higher the score, the more confident the algorithm is that these scenarios have been consistent.

All-time VORTECS™ Score Display

Markets Pro has been tracking bitcoin’s return on investment (ROI), a uniformly weighted basket of the top 100 altcoins, and various automated VORTECS™-based strategies since the algorithm was launched on 3 January 2021. A complete methodology is available here.

While bitcoin was trading just 8% above its price on January 3rd, the altcoin basket gave 348% in returns. The top performing VORTECS™ strategies have delivered huge gains including over 1,000%, however recent market volatility has meant that one strategy (buy at 85, sell at 75) is no longer than bitcoin’s returns. is behind.

time-based strategy performance

score-based strategy performance

Available exclusively to Cointelegraph Markets Pro members for $99 per month on a monthly basis or annually with two free months. It puts in place a 14-day money-back policy to ensure that it meets the crypto trading and investment research needs of clients, and members can cancel at any time.

Important Disclaimer

Cointelegraph is a publisher of financial information, not an investment advisor. We do not provide personalized or personalized investment advice. Cryptocurrencies are volatile investments and carry significant risks, including the risk of permanent and total loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Figures and charts are correct at the time of writing or as otherwise specified. Live-testing strategies are not recommendations. Consult your financial advisor before making financial decisions. Full Terms and Conditions.

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