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VVS Laxan and Rahul Dravid Partenership: When two ‘sick’ players of India soared to the crease that the world’s ‘greatest’ team boasted of Australia.

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Today, this partnership has been 20 years. But the day and partnership for cricket watchers, fans and those interested in its history is as interesting today as it was while watching it live. Vaingipurappu Venkat Sai Laxman and Rahul Sharad Dravid – These two players of Team India wrote not only to knock down the world champion Australia on the victory chariot but also changed the Indian cricket forever.

Whenever Indian cricket is talked about, the year 11-15 March 2001 can be divided into history before and after Kolkata. And on the fourth day of this match, on March 14, two ‘sick’ players were blunting the moves of Australia and its legendary captain Steve Waugh, who is said to be the all-time great team in the world. Neither it was moving nor the line and length. Like Angad’s feet, both were so frozen that Australia managed 334 runs in 90 overs, but the account of the wicket remained empty. That partnership of VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid was formed 20 years ago today. In Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

It was the mid-1990s. The axis of the cricket world was changing. Australia was headed to the world kingship by defeating the West Indies in 1995 at his home. Australia was virtually invincible in the late 1990s and the first few years of 2000. A team that was a dream to defeat. She ruled the cricket world. A team that would have beaten the opposition at its home but knew the skill of entering the house of others and licking the dust. Steve Waugh’s team was on a tour of India.

Australia won the first match in Mumbai in less than three days. His 16th consecutive Test win. After this both teams reached Kolkata. India’s condition deteriorated on the fourth day of the Test match which began on 11 March 2001. The team was playing followon. The team’s score was 254 for four wickets. Technically speaking, four on 20. The defeat was sure. Australia player Michael Slater was showing cigars to his teammate Adam Gilchrist and said that today the party will be defeated in the evening by defeating India. But what happened after that is recorded in golden letters in the book of Indian cricket history. A match after which Indian cricket has never been the same. A partnership that showed a new path for Indian cricket.

‘Laxman’ line drawn between India and Australia
When the third day’s play was over, VVS Laxman, who was called Australian veteran Ian Chappell Vary-Vary Special Laxman, had scored 109 runs. His partner Rahul Dravid was unbeaten on 7. The fourth day is over. Laxman was unbeaten at 275, Dravid at 155. The pair stayed on the field all day. The Australian team, which had bowlers such as Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne, Jason Gillespie, Michael Kasprowicz, lost the wicket. Dravid had fever before this match and Laxman’s back ache. But the pair stood still and raised Indian hopes with each shot. Dravid’s innings fell short of eyes as Laxman at the other end scored India’s highest ever score. Fourth day of Test match. World’s greatest leg spinner. Kolkata’s rough pitch. Shane Warne was bowling in the round the wicket Rough and Bollers Footmark but Laxman came out of the crease and hit him against the spin. Says in English Alog the carpet. Most of the shots were like this. The duo raised the score to 589 on the fourth day.

The next day, when Laxman was out, India’s score was 608 runs. That means a partnership of 345 runs between the two. Dravid was dismissed for 180 and India declared at 657 for seven. Australia got a target of 384 runs in the fourth innings the next day. And when McGrath was dismissed by Harbhajan’s ball, India achieved one of the most memorable victories in their Test history.

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