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wallpaper crashing phones: crashing phones, Samsung users having the most trouble setting wallpaper – wallpaper crashing android smartphones know details

Wallpaper crashing phone

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Now wallpapers can also crash your Android smartphones. It may sound a bit strange to hear, but it's true. A photo is viral on social media nowadays, it is being said that if it is used as the wallpaper of the phone then the Android system UI may crash. This strange problem bothers most Samsung smartphone users. Let's know details.

Information given on twitter

The popular leakster Ice universe gave information about this strange wallpaper on its Twitter handle. In his tweet, he has warned the users to be careful with this wallpaper. @UniverseIce wrote that Samsung mobile phone users do not accidentally set this photo as wallpaper. This can crash the phone. He also said that if anyone sends you this photo, then ignore it.

Incorrect coding of google color profile

For the wallpaper of the phone, this photo can be liked by anyone at once. This photo shows a spectacular view of sunset with clouds, mountains and river. However, this beautiful looking wallpaper is corrupt coding. It is to be told that the Google color profile has been coding incorrectly in this photo. This is the reason why this Android system is crashing the user interface. According to reports, apart from Samsung, it is also harming other smartphones. The most cases of Samsung phone crashes have come in China.

Ways to fix the phone

If by mistake you have set this photo as wallpaper, then your problem may increase. After the phone crashes, fixing it is a bit difficult. After the phone crashes, first of all you have to restart the phone. After the phone is restarted, immediately slide the notification bar down and change the wallpaper immediately. Another way is to turn the phone into safe mode instead of crashing. After the phone is turned on in safe mode, click a photo and set it wallpaper. If both of these methods do not fix the phone, then the factory setting is the last resort.

Clicked photo from Nikon's camera

This wallpaper has increased the concern of Android smartphone users around the world. The size of this beautiful but incorrectly coding photo is 4.67MB. The size of this photo clicked with the Nikon D850 camera is 6144×3950. However, after downloading this photo and setting it as a wallpaper after a little editing, it does not cause any problem in the phone.

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