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Waqar Younis Twitter: 'Someone hacked my account and liked objectionable videos', sad Waqar said, will delete social media account – somebody hacked my social media account and like obscene video says waqar younis

Edited By Bharat Malhotra | | Updated: 29 May 2020, 11:51:00 AM IST

Waqar Younis will delete his social media account

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Former Pakistan cricket team captain Waqar Younis on Friday alleged that someone hacked his Twitter account and liked the objectionable video clip. Younis said that he is now deleting his social media account. Waqar Younis said that he is deleting his Twitter account because someone hacked his account and liked porn clicks.

Waqar posted the video from his account on Friday morning and informed about the whole incident. He said that now he will not be seen again on social media. He said this is not the first time his account has been hacked.

Waqar said, 'Today when I woke up in the morning, I saw that someone from Allah has hacked my account and made a very objectionable post from him. This is not only an embarrassment for me. '

The former coach of the Pakistan team said, 'It is a matter of embarrassment. It is painful and painful. For me and my family too. I started using social media thinking that it would be possible to interact and talk to people through it. Unfortunately, this man spoiled everything. Yes, let me tell you that this is not the first time this hacker has done this. My account has been hacked three or four times. I do not think this man is going to stop, so I have decided that after today I will not come on social media. I love my family very much. You will not see me on social media after today. I am sorry if this has hurt anyone.

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