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WhatsApp chat getting leaked? No one will be able to read your message with this trick

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Many Bollywood celebrities have had their connection to the drugs connection after the WhatsApp chat leaked. The Narcotics Control Bureau may be getting help in checking through WhatsApp chats, but common users are now wondering if their chats on WhatsApp are not safe? Whatsapp, the world’s largest messaging app, says that all chats on their platform are encrypted end-to-end. That is, only the sender and receiver can read them. So let’s first understand how someone’s WhatsApp chat can be leaked.

Chat backup is dangerous
Even though the sender or receiver can read your chat, there is a lot of chance of it being leaked. People usually keep a backup of their chat by saving it on Google Drive or some other way. It is also important to do this if you change the phone or lose the chat, then it is returned via backup.

However, there is a danger in this that if someone backs up this backup file, then they can get your chats. Actually backup of WhatsApp chats is not encrypted, which can be the reason for personal message leaks.

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How to make chat safe and secure
1. You do not have to backup your WhatsApp chat either. But even if you take backup, take care of the safety of the platform on which you are saving it. For example, if you have a backup on Google Drive, then keep in mind that no one can access it without your permission. Usually, users do not keep the Drive app locked in the phone.

2. Put a password or lock in the phone, as well as use the fingerprint lock feature in WhatsApp. To activate it, you have to open WhatsApp and go to its Settings, then Account, then Privacy. Fingerprint lock option will be found at the bottom here.

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3. Also use the two-step authentication feature of WhatsApp. On activating this feature, users have to set a 6 digit PIN. Which will be asked on login to WhatsApp account in a new device, as well as it can be asked anytime in between.

4. A large number of users also use WhatsApp Web. However, when WhatsApp chat is open in your system, anyone else can read it. So whenever you stop working on the system then logout to Whatsapp Web.

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