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whatsapp filters: whatsapp chatting will be fun, add text and emoji to photo-video – how to add text, emoji or stickers to your photos and videos on whatsapp, follow these steps

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The messaging platform WhatsApp is used by millions of users worldwide and a lot of features have been given to the users in it. From sending emojis and stickers to chatting to group video calls during chatting, users also get the option to edit photos and videos. You might not know about this option but with its help, chatting can be more fun. Emoji and text can be added to photos and videos by following some easy steps.

In addition to adding emoji to photos in the app, text can be written, or you can also do free-hand drawings. For this, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. Similarly, the option of editing videos also gets users on the app. First of all open the app, open the chat window of the person you want to chat with and follow these steps,

Add emoji or stickers like this
– Tap on the camera icon shown in the text field.
From here you can select a photo or video or click and record.
To add stickers to photo / video, select the sticker and emoji from the sticker option shown in the top right.
– Now tap on the emoji or sticker you want to use and you can drag or resize it.

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Add text like this
– If you want to add text, tap on the text icon and write the text.
– From here you can also select the color of the text.
– To choose a font, you have to swipe from right to left.
– This text can also be pinched and resized.

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This is how to make free-hand drawings
– Select the draw option from the top right.
– Now using the finger like a pencil, you can draw it on the screen.
– By sliding up and down on the color selector, you can choose the color in which you want to draw.
– You can make drawings in many colors.

If you want to apply a filter to a photo or video, once you have selected the photo or video, you will have to swipe up and you will get the option to choose filters. After editing, you can send the final photo or image by tapping on the send button.

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