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Some hidden features are available on whatsapp

Some hidden features are available on whatsapp
Whatsapp Tips

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WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular messaging platform worldwide. With the help of this app with more than 1.5 billion subscriptions, users are connected with their friends and family members as well as professional life. Chatting can be done with the help of features found on the platform, not only with the help of text, but it is also possible to exchange media files. This is the reason that many features are still being added to the Facebook-owned app. Some features are not used by many users but they are present in the app. If you use WhatsApp every day and know about the features associated with this app, then check, do you know these five hidden features or tricks.

Pin chat required

Some chats in WhatsApp will be more important to you than others. In this case, pinning the chat is a handy feature for users who need to talk continuously with select contacts. Let me tell you, pinned chat always comes on top. In such a situation, however many messages come from different contacts in your WhatsApp chat, the pinned chat will appear at the top. To pin a chat in Android, long press on the chat and you have to tap on the pin above. At the same time, iPhone users have to swipe from left to right to chat.

Bookmark the message

If you have received a very important message in the chat, which you will need later, there is no need to search or scroll open the chat window. You can mark any message and easily see it when needed. This feature is called ‘Starred messages’ and after long-pressing on any message, you see a star icon, which can be marked by tapping the message. These messages can be read later by tapping on the three dolts seen above in the app.


Starred messages

Whom chatting the most

WhatsApp also tells you which contact you have messaged the most, or which one has used the most data in chatting. For this, you have to go to the data and storage usage option given in the settings menu and tap on the storage usage. Here you get to know the list of all contacts and the file size along with it. The chat with the highest file size will be at the top. This usually brings up the chats with which the most media files have been shared.

Media files will not be automatically saved

If the videos and media files on your WhatsApp are full of storage and you have to manually delete the files later, it can be turned off. If you want, you can select ‘Turn off Save Incoming Media’ here by going to chat from the settings of the app. If you want, you can choose whether to download media files for a chat and not for whom. For this, you have to manually open the chat and tap on its name and change the settings. Also you can download any file manually as per the requirement.


Typewriter Font

Message in typewriter font

Most users know that Whatsapp message How to send a message in bold, italic and strike-through fonts while sending. However, the method of sending messages in a font like typewriter is not straightforward. To make this change in the font of your WhatsApp message, you must use the symbol “ before and after the message ”. For example, if your message is Hello, then you have to type “ Hello“ ” and the message font will look like typewriter as soon as you send it. This method works on both iOS and Android.

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