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whatsapp in 2020: Whatsapp improved with special features in 2020, do you use? – these new features will change whatsapp in 2020, how many do you use?

whatsapp in 2020: Whatsapp improved with special features in 2020, do you use? – these new features will change whatsapp in 2020, how many do you use?

On the world’s most popular messaging platform WhatsApp, users have been given many new features in 2019 and this year is expected to be the same. New features are provided continuously on WhatsApp according to the need of the users, so that the chatting experience can be improved. Many features have come for all the users on the Facebook-owned app, while some are currently being tested in the beta version. With the help of these features, your style of chatting and how to use the app can definitely change. In 2020, these features are available on WhatsApp or in the testing phase, Dark mode

Users have been waiting for dark mode on WhatsApp for a long time. For the last two years, WhatsApp Dark Mode is being discussed. The company has not given any official information about the release of Dark Mode yet. Experts say that WhatsApp is increasingly testing this feature and its beta update will also be released.

Reverse image search

The most special features to be found in 2020 may also include reverse image search tool. With the help of this, the source of a photo will be able to be detected and fake messages can be controlled. With the help of this feature, WhatsApp will also be able to alert users from fake news. For this, the company has already introduced the ‘Frequently Forwarded’ alert feature in India, which at times looks like a banner on the forwarded message.

Private reply

Many times during group chat a member needs to be replicated separately. Previously, you had to search for that contact separately and send messages. However, now it has become very easy with the introduction of private reply feature. Now during group chat, you can privately reply to any member by long press on the message sent by him.

Self destructing message

With the help of the feature, WhatsApp chat messages will be automatically deleted at the time fixed by the user. The message gets 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year option to be deleted automatically. For example, if a user has set a limit of 1 hour to delete the sent message, then it will be automatically deleted from the chat after 1 hour.

Fingerprint authentication

WhatsApp also takes special care of the privacy of users. This is the reason why it gets features like end-to-end encryption and two-step verification. Recently, the company has also started another security feature fingerprint lock. Through this feature, users can unlock WhatsApp with their fingerprint.

Call waiting

In the latest update, a new call waiting feature for iPhone users has also been given. In such a situation, while making a call on WhatsApp with one user, users will be able to accept the call coming from the other user and all iPhone users have been supported in this update. This feature is not yet available for Android users.

Typewriter font

In addition to bold, italic and strike-through, you can change the text of your chat to typewriter font style. To change the font of the WhatsApp message, use the symbol ‘three times’ on both sides of the word, such as “ Hello ”. After this it will be changed to typewriter font. It is available on both Android and iOS keyboards. Keep in mind that do not replace the symbol ‘symbol’.

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