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whatsapp notification block: Whatsapp notifications will not disturb, will be holiday forever – users may get option to block whatsapp group notifications forever with new update

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If the notifications that come on many WhatsApp groups bother you, then they can get rid of them soon. Popular messaging platform is working on many new features and in the coming days the experience of users is going to be even better. Many times, users have to become part of groups even when they do not want to, such groups can range from family groups to some official or friends groups. While muting the notifications of such groups, now the option of 'Always' is also available.

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android version shows the new 'mute always' option, according to WABetaInfo, a platform that monitors changes and updates to WhatsApp. In the screenshot shared in the report, it is seen that when muting WhatsApp group notifications, users will not see the option of 'One Year' and instead of 'Always'. In this case, WhatsApp notifications will be muted until users change the settings themselves.

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Notification will be available this way

Earlier, WhatsApp users could mute notifications of a group for more than a year with the help of this setting. After this time has passed, the settings automatically become normal again. This feature can be very useful for those users who have add in many non-essential groups but they do not have the option to leave the groups. Users can check the chat and messages of these groups at any time, and every message is muted when users are not notified.

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Update only to beta users

Currently, this option is available in the beta version of WhatsApp and not all users will see it in the settings. Beta users can use it by updating their app on the Play Store. WhatsApp is going to add many new features to the app in the year 2020. Another of these features is 'Multi Device Support', with the help of which a WhatsApp account can be accessed on different devices from the same number.

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