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Whatsapp trick: who will tell your favorite trick in WhatsApp, what trick – whatsapp trick lets you know who you text the most


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WhatsApp is currently a favorite messaging app for more than 200 million users worldwide. Along with photo-video sharing, this app also offers voice and video calling. To improve the user experience, WhatsApp also brings new features. However, today we are telling you a special trick, so that you will be able to know who you talk to the most on WhatsApp.

You can know these details

With the help of this trick, you will also be able to know how many text send and how much you received. Apart from this, you can also know how many times you have shared a location with a contact. This trick also gives information about shared media files. The most important thing about this trick is that you can find out which contact with which contact is using your phone storage the most.

Follow these steps:

– First open WhatsApp.

– Go to Settings tab.

Go to data and storage.


Data and storage

– Tap on storage usage here.

– Here you will see a list of contacts and chat.

– The list will have the most storage consuming contacts at the top.

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Details of media files

– Tap on contact for information on shared chat and media files.

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