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when where to watch 3t cricket: unique cricket match in south africa today- when, where to watch live match – 3t cricket match in south africa when and where to watch live streaming and updates

Edited By Arun Kumar | | Updated: 18 Jul 2020, 08:32:00 AM IST

  • 3 teams will be seen playing together on the cricket ground today, two innings of 6-6 overs
  • A total of 36 overs will be thrown in the entire match, a break will be taken in the match after 18 overs
  • This charity match is for funds against Covid-19under Solidarity Cup

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After the corona virus, the game of cricket is slowly returning to track. In England, England and West Indies teams are playing Test cricket, then Pakistan is also waiting there and waiting for their series. Meanwhile, South Africa is also going to start cricket today. The South Africa Cricket Board will play a charity match with a unique format.

In this match, three teams will come on the field together and they will take turns batting and bowling. Hence this cricket format is named 3T Cricket. The match will last for 36 overs. This format is considered a revolutionary step. The match will be played in the name of 'Solidarity Cup'. Through this match, funds will be collected for the war against the Covid-19epidemic.

What is 3T cricket: know here all the necessary information related to this match

The match will begin on July 18 at 2 pm Indian time, which can be seen live on Star Sports.

what: 3T Cricket Match, Solidarity Cup 2020

When: 18 July

place: Supersports Park, Centurion, South Africa

Live Broadcast: On star sports in india

Formats and rules

Each team will have 8 players.

36 overs match, two innings of 6-6 overs

There will be a total of 36 overs in this match and 18 overs per innings. There will be a break after 18 overs. Each team will get a chance to bat 12 overs. In it, he will bat twice in the 6-over format and will face two bowlers from the new team each time.

The first half of the game will decide the order of batting-bowling in the second half

In the first half of the game, it will be decided which team will go from batting to bowling. At the same time, the scores of the first innings will decide which team will bat before or after the second innings. If the score remains tied, the first half's batting order will be repeated.

Only one batsman left at one end can bat

If seven wickets fall, then the last batsman can bat alone but he can only score even number of runs. Something like we and you have been playing in street cricket. If all the seven wickets fall in the first half, then the batsman who is not out in the second half will go to bat alone. And will carry on his innings.

Bowler's bowling quota: 3 overs

A bowler can bowl a maximum of three overs.

Fielders can also be taken from outside

Each team will have to use the new ball in their 12 overs bowling which will be used against both the opposition teams.

3 additional fielders may be used. They can be selected from either or both teams or taken from the dugout team. If a team does so, the rules of fielding restriction will apply.

South African fast bowlers Kagiso Rabada and Chris Morris will not be able to participate in the match due to personal reasons. First these players were scheduled to play.

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