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Why Kapil dev chose to become fast bowler: Kapil Dev told- Who he became fast bowler to show – kapil dev shares his experience with wv raman why he decided to become fast bowler

India's great all-rounder Kapil Dev recently shared his experience in which he had determined to become a fast bowler. Kapil was talking on the YouTube channel of former cricketer WV Raman. Then he told that he had an argument with an Indian cricket official at a young age and then…

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  • During his younger days, Kapil Dev had an argument with an Indian cricket official
  • The officer tried to break the morale of Kapil Dev, then Kapil also decided
  • Kapil Dev told the story of this story on WV Raman's YouTube channel
  • Team India was not fast bowler before Kapil Dev, team was dependent on spin

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The real Sikander of Indian cricket is considered Kapil Dev. Kapil was the first fast bowler of Team India, who made his mark in the world as a fast bowler. Before Kapil, Indian cricket was also dependent on spinners. Kapil Dev said that he had an argument with an Indian cricket official during the under-19 days. After this he decided that now he has to show them only by becoming a fast bowler.

Recently, Kapil Dev, a former Indian cricketer and currently the coach of the women's Indian team, spoke on the YouTube channel 'Inside Out with WV Raman' of WV Raman. Here at the beginning of the program Raman asked Kapil Dev the story of his becoming a fast bowler.

Kapil Dev told, 'My height and body was good during school days. When we used to play cricket, the school management threw a new ball towards me. Hatta-katte body meant to speak fast. Seeing the speed of the first ball I bowled, the people present there praised it very much and they inspired me to do fast bowling.

Watch- this complete interview of Kapil Dev with WV Raman


But the real story of becoming a fast bowler was not that it was an under-19 cricket camp. While Kapil Dev reached the Under-19 camp, he had an argument with an Indian cricket official about something. During this, that officer asked Kapil that what do you do. He said that I am a fast bowler. Instead of encouraging Kapil Dev, this officer tried to lower his morale and said, “There have never been any fast bowlers in India.”

Kapil decided in his own mind that he has to prove this person wrong and show him as a fast bowler in Team India. In the beginning of his career, the Indian team relied heavily on this young fast bowler. Sachin used to bowl 30–30 overs daily during the fielding of Team India. Kapil said that in those days I was very fond of fast bowling and I was used to throwing 30-30 overs from my home team. So I used to enjoy bowling a lot.

Web title kapil dev shares his experience with wv raman why he decided to become fast bowler(Hindi News from Navbharat Times , TIL Network)

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