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Will never forget Coronavirus came from China, then I will end dependence on ‘Dragon’ if given the right- Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump vowed to end the country’s dependence on China in the event of his return to power and said he would never forget to spread the Coronavirus infection from China.

Trump, addressing an election rally in Newport Virginia on Friday in the wake of the November 3 presidential election, said the state of the US economy was strong, “only the virus has come from China”. He said, “They should never have been like this.” We will not forget this. We stopped (economic activities) and the lives of millions of people were almost over. We have opened it now. ”

America is the worst affected by this infection. More than two lakh Americans have lost their lives due to this virus and the country’s economy has been shaken, due to which millions of lives have been lost.

Trump said that if he comes to power again for the next four years, he will make America a manufacturing powerhouse in the world. He said, “We will end our dependence on China forever.” ”

At the same time, he said that after Coronavirus, his special methods for relations with China should not be taken into consideration. He expressed deep disappointment towards China. He said, “I had very good relations with Chinese President Xi (Chinfing), but this epidemic occurred … We had made a good trade agreement, but for me it is not the same as before.” Does it not make sense now? ”

The US and China signed the first phase of a trade deal early in the year. Trump has refused to renegotiate the deal with China.

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