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windows 7 users will not get these features if they don’t upgrade to windows 10

windows 10 update: Windows 7 users will not get these features, it is necessary to upgrade to Windows 10 – windows 7 users will not get these features if they don't upgrade to windows 10

Software company Microsoft is going to end support for Windows 7 soon. The company ended the mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015 itself. However, from 14 January 2020, the company will not rollout security updates for its nearly a decade old desktop operating system. Microsoft is asking all of its Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10, to protect their personal computers from malware and other threats. If your PC still has the Windows 7 operating system installed, then it is necessary to upgrade to Windows 10. If you do not do this, these five Windows features will no longer be found in your computer.

Task manager

A major difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10 is the presence of Task Manager, which is mostly used to close an app that is open in the background. If you open Task Manager in Windows 7, it shows sub-sections like Applications, Processes, Services and Performance along with other settings. Windows 10 shows only the apps being used by removing this clutter.


Windows 10 and Windows 7 also see many differences related to flexibility. Windows 10 is designed to work on multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. There are many features in Windows 10, with the help of which users can connect devices such as monitors, keyboards, nous and smartphones and can also use virtual trackpad or keyboard. These options are not available in Windows 7.


Another difference between Windows 7 and Windows 10 is associated with Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana. With the help of Windows 10 users Cortana can perform smart searches only with the help of voice commands. In this case, search results are not only linked to local search data but also to search on the Internet. In Windows 7, only local search results are visible to users.

Web browser

Internet Explorer is provided for Internet browsing in older Windows operating systems. At the same time, Microsoft has given Edge Web Browser in Windows 10. The new Edge browser is not only faster than Explorer, but it is also easier to share pages and apps. Also, Edge has a feature of creating a canvas for a web page, which can be drawn on it. In Windows 7, it requires a snap of the screen.


If your data and its security are important to you, as well as if you want to keep your desktop virus free, then it makes sense to install Windows 10 update on a personal computer. Microsoft windows No security update will rollout for 7, so in the event of a malware infection your PC may crash and Microsoft will not be able to help you.

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