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World Cancer Day 2021: Yuvraj Singh has defeated deadly cancer, the story of struggle with ‘death’ is motivating


  • Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh is among the select few who have overcome cancer
  • Yuvraj was diagnosed with cancer when he made India the winner in the World Cup-2011
  • After this the player not only defeated cancer, but also returned to Team India.

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Yuvraj of Indian cricket, ie Yuvraj Singh, is a player whose story will not only inspire you on the field but also in personal life outside the field. The player, who has been a hero in his personal life, is also a hero in his opposition, with his shot on the field, charismatic bowling and unmatched fielding. In front of the kind of struggle he faced, the big titles of cricket like world conqueror and Sixer King are small. Why not? This great all-rounder has won the battle against cancer. Come learn about the story of victory over Yuvi’s death on World Cancer Day …

Yuvraj Singh was playing the World Cup for the country and performing dhansu one after the other. Seeing him, no one could think that he is battling cancer. When India became world champions after beating Sri Lanka in the World Cup-2011, the news related to Yuvraj’s health was revealed in a few days, which shocked his fans and the Indian team. Yuvraj Singh had a cancerous tumor in his lung.

Cricket fans of the country and world were praying for their hero. The struggle with cancer was long, so Yuvi had to stay away from cricket for a long time. Yuvraj played in the World Cup with the pain of this tumor and he did not disclose this to anyone then. He was then consistently proving himself in every match for India. He took a break from cricket and then came back to beat this deadly disease.

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Struggle made India a world winner
Yuvi was suffering from cancer when he was playing the World Cup. He was struggling with pain, but was determined to make the country a world winner. His teammates later also said that he was battling during the tournament, but did not lose. He proved to be the biggest hero in Team India’s World Cup 2011 win and in this tournament he proved himself again and again with both ball and bat. He was voted Man of the Tournament for his brilliant game in that World Cup. In this World Cup, he took 362 runs and 15 wickets in his name.

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Sachin inspired to return to cricket
Yuvraj had told in an interview that I was struggling with difficulties even after treatment. During this time I used to talk to Sachin Paji (Tendulkar). He inspired me to return to cricket again. He used to tell me, ‘Why do we play cricket? Yes we want to play international cricket but we love this game so play it. If you love this game, you also want to play it. ‘

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Yuvraj played T20 World Cup and Champions Trophy after his return from cancer
After his return from cancer, Yuvraj played international cricket for the next 5 years. During this time he participated in the ICC T20 World Cup in 2014 and the Champions Trophy Tournament in 2017. India reached the finals in both these tournaments and were runners-up both times.

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