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World Test Championship – change in points, what is the difficulty of Virat Kohli and team

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has changed the ranking system of the World Test Championship (2019-21). Its biggest loss has been to the Indian team. Team India, which used to be at number one, has lost this place. The ICC Cricket Committee headed by Anil Kumble has suggested that no team be harmed by the series being canceled due to Kovid-19. So, now the question arises that what is this new system? What has changed from this? And what effect has this had on the teams? Know the answers to all these questions- Hindol Basu Report

ICC announced

what changed?

Now the ranking will be calculated based on percentage of points (POP). POP or percentage of points won by a team in a series. For example, India has played four series in the World Test Championship. During this time a total of 480 points were at stake. India has won a total of 360 points in this. That is, his percentage point is 75.

Ranking change

According to this new system, Australia has now reached the first place. how? Australia have played three series, with 360 points at stake. The Kangaroo team scored 296 of them. So his POP was 82.22, which is more than India.

How does the new system work

Actually the teams had to play six test series during the World Test Championship. During this time, she could score a maximum of 720 points. If a team scores 480 points in these six series, its POP will be 66.67 percent. If a team plays five series and scores 450 out of 600 points, its POP will be 75 percent. In such a situation, she will be ahead of the team that has played six series.

What did the old system hold?

When the ICC announced the World Test Championship, it said that a maximum of 120 points could be scored from a Test series. A team will play a total of six series, three of which will be on home ground and three on foreign soil. In total, a team can score a maximum of 720 points. In a two-match series, he would get 60 points for a win and 40 points in a three-match series. Similarly, in a 4-match series, the team will score 30 points for a win and 24 in a five-match series. In the event of a tie, the points will be divided equally between the two teams and in the event of a draw, both teams will get one-third of the total score of the test. The ICC has maintained this system of distributing points. This means that in the upcoming series in India and Australia, you will get 30 points for winning the match, 15 for the tie and 10 for the draw.

New Zealand should not spoil India’s game

However, there is little possibility of any change in the top 2. Nevertheless, New Zealand and England can pose some difficulties for India. New Zealand have to play two home series – with the West Indies and Pakistan. Both series are 2–2 Test matches. This means that New Zealand has 240 points at stake. If the results of the five-Test series against Australia and England next year do not come in favor for India, Virat Kohli and the team could be a bit difficult.

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