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xiaomi 3HP air conditioner: Xiaomi launched 3HP vertical air conditioner, learn price – xiaomi 3hp vertical air conditioner launched know price

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Chinese giant Xiaomi has launched a new product in its ecological chain. The company has released Xiaomi 3HP vertical air conditioner. This is Xiaomi's first 3HP AC. This device is equipped with laminar soft wind technology.
Xiaomi 3HP Vertical Air Conditioner: Price

This device is available for pre-booking in China. For pre-booking, you have to deposit 100 Chinese Yuan (about 1 thousand rupees). The air conditioner is priced at 5,999 Chinese yuan (about 63,500 rupees). This air conditioner can be pre-booked in China from JDotcom.

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Xiaomi 3HP Vertical Air Conditioner: Features

Xiaomi's new 3HP vertical air conditioner not only provides faster cooling but also eliminates the hassle of direct air-conditioning. Xiaomi's air conditioner is a 1HP / 1.5HP / 3HP device which is perfect for a house with an area of ​​10 meters square to 15 meters square and 16 meters square to 20 meters square. This means that it is better for bedrooms, study rooms, seating rooms and other places in the house.

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This new AC from Xiaomi is built with 'leaf' design. In addition, it has soft air blades and soft air micropores that create a soft air system. This system releases soft wind by removing strong irritating winds. Its air circulates all around with a wide-air supply design.

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The full DC inverter compressor has been used in Xiaomi 3HP vertical air conditioners. It has internal and external DC fans. It has electronic expansion valves for throttle control so that the system is better and consumes less power. It controls the temperature properly in hot summer and winter.

Xiaomi's new AC has been built according to the latest new energy efficiency standard. As per the data, Xiaomi has 10 new First Class Energy Efficient ACs. Apart from this, the demand for Xiaomi's air conditioner is very high.

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