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Xiaomi Apps blocked: Xiaomi's apps also banned; 59 apps including Tiktok will no longer run in the phone – Chinese apps banned xiaomi mi app tiktok helo 59 apps ban

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The Indian government has taken a major decision to block 59 Chinese apps in the country. There has been an atmosphere of tension between the two countries for the past several days and now the government has blocked 59 apps, including TickTalk, Xiaomi, Halo, UC News, stating that they threaten national security. The government says that for a long time, there were frequent complaints related to data security against these apps.
Xiaomi users will also no longer be able to use apps like Mi Community and Mi Video Call-Xiaomi. This means that users who are associated with the Xiaomi Community will no longer be able to run the Me Community app.

59 Chinese apps banned, including TikTok, Helo, Shareit, Likee

Apart from this, the popular video sharing platform app TickTalk has also been banned. Tittock has gained tremendous popularity in the country. Recently apps like Mitra and Spark have been developed to compete TicTalk in India. However, it is not clear when the ban on these apps will start.

What will happen next?

Now the question is, what will happen next? Users who have apps included in these 59 Chinese apps are present in the phone, will they be able to use them or not. According to initial information, these apps will be removed from the Play Store and Apple App Store. Later, these apps will not support in the phone.

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