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Xiaomi’s biggest fan, shopping for over 77 lakh rupees at a time

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Legendary tech company Xiaomi has a great fan following. There are crores of users all over the world who do not like gadgets of any company other than Xiaomi. How crazy someone can be towards Xiaomi product, recently got a glimpse of it. The case is of China. Here a Xiaomi fan bought all the products on display in the Mi Home store together. For this, this Xiaomi fan had to spend more than 1 lakh dollars.

No discount taken
According to a report by GizmoChina, the fan gave 6,90,000 yuan (about Rs 77,55,000) to buy all the Xiaomi products in the store. A video related to this purchase has also surfaced, in which the long transaction slip of shopping done by the fan can be seen. The funny thing is that this Xiaomi fan did not even use any discount coupons while shopping so expensive.

(Photo: Gijmochina)

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Product portfolio larger than Apple
Users are usually seen buying Apple products sets together, but this is very shocking and special with Xiaomi. Xiaomi has a much larger product portfolio than Apple. In such a situation, it is really difficult for any fan to decide which products of Xiaomi they buy and which not. However, this fan has definitely explained the meaning of being a real fan to the rest of the Xiaomi fans.

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Journey started 10 years ago
Xiaomi started its journey 10 years ago as a mobile phone manufacturer. Year after year the company expanded its product range and now Xiaomi is offering a complete ecosystem of its gadgets. Apart from smartphones, the company offers smart TVs, smart home products, personal computers, e-scooters, surveillance cameras and more.

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